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Plasma Screen In an increasingly competitive marketplace, MediaDirector allows you to better promote your brand, products, special offers and upcoming events. It's centrally managed audio-visual display network gives you the ability to control your content, ensuring that the right content is shown in the right place and at the right time; allowing you to communicate with your customers and staff much more effectively than posters or looping video content can. In addition to this enhanced communication potential the MediaDirector system also creates the opportunity for an additional advertising-based revenue stream.

MediaDirector is ideal for use in all areas of the retail environment, from shopping centres through department stores and into individual stores. Travel agencies, recruitment agencies and financial institutions and similar operations particularly benefit due to the importance of centrally managed, up-to-date information.

As an information system MediaDirector excels in the delivery of appropriate content for the leisure industry including bars, clubs, restaurants and cinemas and for hotels, leisure centres and healthcare facilities. MediaDirector can also operate as an information system for outdoor events, trade shows, travel terminals and for corporate and governmental departments of all sizes.

Plasma Screen MediaDirector's management software is designed to allow a non-technical operator to control your entire estate content with simplicity and ease. This operator can deploy content, schedule its display, generate and send messages to individual, or grouped screens and monitor the status of all of the networked displays from a single console.

The MediaDirector player supports a wide range of media types including mpeg video, still images and Macromedia FlashTM presentations. The MediaDirector server can be linked to Internet news feeds and corporate databases to ensure that your content is easily maintained and up-to-date.

MediaDirector uses established communication technologies to allow it to integrate securely and seamlessly within your existing network infrastructure. This integration helps to maximise your existing technology investment.

For more information on what MediaDirector can do for you, please contact us by e-mail:, telephone: 08704 324701 or fax: 07020 967496.

MediaDirector TM

MediaDirector TM is a networked media display system allowing you to create and manage your own multimedia channel on any number of audio-visual displays, even across multiple sites.


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