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Reliability - The MediaDirector system was been designed from the outset with reliability and fail-safety in mind; There is no single point of failure that will cause all of the display screens in your estate to "go black". Should communication between the Media Systems and the MediaDirector server be interrupted, the screens will continue to operate - playing and scheduling content as normal albeit without up to the minute live content. Should a MediaDirector player system fail, only the single output channel connected to that system will be affected and when this system is replaced (as part of an ongoing support and maintenance contract), normal operation can be resumed within minutes.

The MediaDirector player system runs a customised operating system containing only the parts needed for its operation. This special configuration greatly increases the reliablility of the systems by significantly reducing the possible points of failure.

Security - The MediaDirector system has been specifically designed and built with security as this is an important factor in the modern IT infrastructure. The communication methods have been designed so that the player systems only communicate with the server system, thus significantly reducing the opportunities for security problems.

In addition to the reliability benefits of the customised operating system, the customisation of the operating system removes at source almost all of the vulnerabilities that plague modern operating systems.

The MediaDirector configuration scheme is designed such that each MediaDirector player system will only play the content that has been configured and distributed from the central MediaDirector configuration server. Content and configuration files that have been replaced or tampered with are automatically refreshed from the central MediaDirector configuration server.

Ease of Use - MediaDirector's management software is designed to allow you to control your content with simplicity and ease. A non-technical operator can deploy content, schedule its display, generate and send messages to individual or grouped screens and monitor the status of all of the networked MediaDirector players from a single console.

Price - MediaDirector is an extremely cost effective solution, harnessing and extending your existing resources to deliver the desired service. The overall system cost is very competitive and is easily affordable for organisations of all sizes. We deliver this price advantage by keeping unnecessary costs low while spending the right money in the right place to best allow us to deliver an affordable, reliable and efficient product and service.

Scalability - Throughout the design and development of MediaDirector strong emphasis has been placed on the it's scalability, covering all aspect of the system including configuration, content management, updates, database access and the fail-over safety measures.

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MediaDirector TM

MediaDirector TM is a networked media display system allowing you to create and manage your own multimedia channel on any number of audio-visual displays, even across multiple sites.


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