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MediaDirector has been designed not only to provide a first class display solution where hundreds of displays can be managed by a single operator, it has also been designed to operate as a robust and accountable marketing delivery solution.

The introduction of well placed display screens can provide a valuable advertising revenue stream in addition to the product and brand awareness benefits generated by the MediaDirector system.

Independent studies have shown that product sales show a marked increase for targeted products that are advertised at the point of sale. Using the power of directed media advertising you can increase sales of higher margin or premium products or services.

For more information on what MediaDirector can do for you, please contact us by e-mail:, telephone: 08704 324701 or fax: 07020 967496.

MediaDirector TM

MediaDirector TM is a networked media display system allowing you to create and manage your own multimedia channel on any number of audio-visual displays, even across multiple sites.


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