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At Ideal Integration we pride ourself on being able to provide a fully integrated turnkey service where we can survey, advise, supply, install and maintain the display systems and screens that you require.

MediaDirector operates with all standard display screens including plasma displays, TFT monitors, television monitors and projectors. Our systems can output at HDTV resolutions, widescreen VGA resolutions or standard television resolutions such as PAL, NTSC or SECAM. As such we can work with your existing audio-visual infrastructure or supply, fit and maintain an entirely new one.

Survey - Our experienced engineers will survey your sites to ensure that the correct systems and displays are fitted safely and securely. Our engineers have experience of all manner of display technologies and the installation of them in such diverse environments as corporate offices, shopping centres, night clubs and cruise ships.

Advise - Using our industry experience we can advise you on how many display screens you may need, what types of screens they should be and what should be displayed on the screens for the maximum impact and return on investment.

Supply - As part of our one-stop-shop policy we can source and supply a huge variety of display equipment. We can enclose displays in custom enclosures to match your decor or to enhance security.

Install - When it comes to time to install the equipment our experienced engineers will liaise with you to determine suitable times and schedules for the installation process so that there is minimum disruption to your normal business.

Maintain - In order to keep the equipment operating reliably we can provide a maintenance service that includes twice yearly site visits to check, clean and replace consumable components. Most equipment is available with an on-site swap out warranty to minimise system downtime.

For more information on what MediaDirector can do for you, please contact us by e-mail:, telephone: 08704 324701 or fax: 07020 967496.

MediaDirector TM

MediaDirector TM is a networked media display system allowing you to create and manage your own multimedia channel on any number of audio-visual displays, even across multiple sites.


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