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Network Topology (click for larger image) MediaDirector allows each screen's content to be individually scheduled or the screens can be put into groups. These groups may be overlapping so that the content can be precisely targeted to any location.

For example, you may have regional sites and so the screens are grouped by region; South East, South West, etc. Within each store you have screens that are street facing or on the back wall. Each screen is, therefore, put in one or other of these groups.

Group Configuration (click for larger image) You may now choose to target street-facing screens that are in the South-East with one content schedule, whilst street-facing screens in the South-West show different content.

If you wish to send specific content to a single screen then you can override the group setting allowing you complete flexibility to put the right information in front of customers at locations of your choice.

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MediaDirector TM

MediaDirector TM is a networked media display system allowing you to create and manage your own multimedia channel on any number of audio-visual displays, even across multiple sites.


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